Update on Zainab al-Hosni

An update our article on the fate of  Zainab al Hoseni.  Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch had reported that Zainab Al Hoseni had been found dead, tortured, burned and decapitated in a morgue in Syria.  A young woman had been tortured, burned, and killed by Assad’s gangs.  The body was difficult to identify and now we learn that is was not the body of Zainab al-Hosni, but another, now unidentified young woman.    Women, young children and men have been tortured by Assad’s security forces.  This is enough to fuel further rage in Syria.

However, it is now known that the body was incorrectly identified and Zainab al-Hosni had appeared on Syrian State TV showing her identity card and claiming that she had run away from home.  She spoke of her desire to get married and have children.  Zainab hoped that her mother would forgive her.

The body had been identified by Zainab Al Hoseni’s mother.  Her brother who is now in Lebanon stated “My mother identified her in the morgue, she knows her daughter. She said, ‘This is my daughter,’ and the authorities in the morgue told us her name was Zainab and she was 18. So we took her and buried her.”

The fact still remains that an unidentified woman in Syria met this fate while in captivity.  This unidentified woman is believed to have been the first woman in Syria to be tortured and killed by the Syrian security forces while in captivity.

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