This is our online magazine is full of articles for you, our readers to enjoy.  It covers all kinds of fascinating topics from fashion to politics to gossip and just plain opinions.

WorkingShirt Online Magazine was created by two writers – an older sister and older brother.  Originally, most of the content that appeared here was written by the siblings.  Other articles were just interesting pieces found across the worldwide web, in the great books of history or wherever else they may be found, credited where they need be credited.  WorkingShirt Online Magazine has grown now and added more writers to the team.  More commentary, more politics, more “what will they think of next.”

We wanted a place to cover interesting facts and articles that we came across on a day to day basis.  That collection became this website, an online magazine.

If you are interested in becoming a Contributor to WorkingShirt’s Online Magazine and have something to say to the world, please use the Contact page and send us a note.  Point us the direction of some of your noteworthy writing and, if we love it, we’d love to have you aboard.