Tom Cruise – crazy or beyond brave?

I’ve got to admit that I’m not exactly a fan of Tom Cruise, but I’ve seen several of his movies and vaguely known all along what he’s been up to via Tom Cruise news.  There’s always plenty of gossip, stories about him and his wife, Katie Holmes and daughter, Suri. Knowing about Tom Cruise these days – you can’t avoid it. He’s in the Press one would say, rather frequently. In other words, it’s impossible NOT to know anything about Tom Cruise.

Before the movie was released, I watched a movie trailer from his latest flick Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 4 – showing Tom Cruise propelling off the side of the Burq Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai, towering a full 829.84 m (2,723 ft) high into the sky. It also showed him jumping out of a window of the Burq Kahlifa. It also sparked my interest because I traveled to Dubai a couple of years ago. The construction of the Burq Khalifa had been completed, but it wasn’t yet opened. Tom Cruise’s stunts were unbelievable and I had to check it out to see if 1) this was trick photography or CGI, and 2) who really performed these stunts. After doing the research I found that, 1) this is not trick photography or CGI and 2) Tom Cruise performed the stunts. I also learned that his stunt man had a fear of heights. So guess what!? Tom Cruise did it himself!

Incredible! Either he is crazy or beyond brave. His wife remarked that she felt like vomiting when she saw the scenes of her husband jumping out of the Burq Khalife. Natural reaction. Commentary on the website I read included some guy saying, “pay me $20 million like he gets and I’ll do it naked juggling chainsaws.” Ha! Ha! Obviously, Tom Cruise DOES NOT have a fear of heights. Why there’s even a photo of him sitting at the very top of the Burq Khalifa. Reports go on to say that he wrote a love note to Katie Holmes and Suri. Only those that have the nerve to go up there will ever see what he wrote. Seeing these images of Tom Cruise sitting on top of the Burq, also make me ill.

I suppose because I’m one of the millions with the fear of heights, I either conclude he is crazy or just plain brave beyond words.

So, yes, I will be going to see Tom Cruise’s latest movie Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 4 as soon as the rush of the Christmas season is over. I’ll be checking out Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol for three reasons. One, I’d like to see him do these crazy stunts on the Burq Khalifa – (if I can watch it without covering my eyes; 2) I’d like to see the movie because some of it has been filmed in Dubai and 3) the movie is getting great reviews. Is Tom Cruise crazy or brave beyond words? In my opinion, he’s both.

Watch this video of Tom Cruise filming Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol outside and around the Burq Khalifa and decide for yourself:

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