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Many people ask why this online magazine has the name WorkingShirt.  It’s a cool name, so I’ve been told by a few people whose opinion counts.  Our online magazine has been around for quite a while, since 2007, in fact.  People have naturally asked, how I came up with the name WorkingShirt.  To tell the truth, I don’t know how I came up with the name.  Maybe I was thinking of modern society and we’ve been so depersonalized and reduced to merely a number in a collection of databases here there and everywhere.  I theorized I had become just a Shirt that Works.  Hence, the name WorkingShirt was born.

I’ve decided since we have the name working shirt and many people come here seeking working shirts or t shirts about the subjects we write about, then why not sell “working shirts?”  What about selling other shirts?  Some of my friends and family have asked, why not?  There are quite a few people who find this site when they seek out shirts, working shirts, t shirts bearing protest messages, safari shirts and shirts bearing the latest movie graphics.

So today, you’ll notice in the right hand column a couple of ads for shirts which you can purchase online through Amazon.  What’s so great about this is, if you buy your shirt through Amazon from the working shirt site, I’ll earn a tiny little commission which helps support the WorkingShirt Online Magazine site.  You’ll get a nice shirt and I’ll get a little commission which I’ll put towards the continued cost of running of this site and paying some of my writers.  Yes, we do pay some of our writers.  Other writers, figuring I might be the next Arianna Huffington, write for free.  We love them for that.

So, from time to time, not only will we report news and commentary, movie reviews, politics, human rights and other wonderful stuff, we’ll try and sell you a shirt.

You can read a little bit more about WorkingShirt’s Online magazine history on our About page.  You can also learn about the writers who work hard writing for Working Shirt Online magazine.  If you love us, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook.  We’ll love you, follow you back.  Buy our Amazon shirts!  Thank you, immensely.

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