My Daymak E-Bike Adventures

My Daymak E-Bike

I’ve got several things going on here.  I hate using the TTC (the Toronto Transit Commission –  our subway system in Toronto, I like to save money and I’m trying to do my part to save the environment.  In late June, my partner bought me an e-bike – a Daymak e-bike, otherwise known as an electric bicycle.

I spent the rest of June and the whole of July practicing on the streets of Toronto because I was somewhat frightened of riding an e-bike in the traffic.  In August, I was all set to go.  So, I was finally able to avoid using the TTC and ride my Daymak e-bike to work and back on my daily commute.

I absolutely love it!  Riding a e-bike that is.  I have a black Daymak bike.  It goes a maximum of 35 km per hour.  I travel 12 km to work and back home again and tackle the hills of Toronto too.  Yes, there are lots of hills in Toronto and so far, none too big for my Daymak e-bike.  Every night I recharge my battery and all’s good.

Being an electric bike owner has allowed me to meet many people including those are just curious about my e-bike and other e-bike owners.  There is this lady at work who has owned an e-bike since last Christmas.  She’s been my source of information on electrical bicycles and we end up chatting every time we meet up.

I’ve gotta tell you though, I’ve seen a lot more e-bikes on the road since August.  And, I’ve seen a lot more electric bicyles that I would rather own.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my e-bike and love the sensation of riding it and, during rush hour, I ride along Yonge Street and actually travel at the same speed as all those big cars, such as the Lexus, the Porsches, and the BMWs.  Owners of these luxury cars don’t like to see an e-bike traveling at the same speed as them because it really offends them.  Here, they’ve spent all that money on their big luxury car and it gets them downtown no faster than an e-bike!  Oh, the shame!

My Daymak e-bike cost about $1,300 including the high Canadian taxes we are slaves to in this country.  One doesn’t need a license, no need to pay the extortionate prices for gas and no parking fees.  The only requirement for electric bicycle ownership is that one is 16 years old and you must wear a helmet.  To top it all off, I don’t pollute the environment like all those big car owners do, poisoning our world with their carbon monoxide.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  We certainly couldn’t call ourselves a carbon neutral city.

I wouldn’t particularly buy the same brand of electric bike again.  I noticed after buying my e-bike that the electrical cord used inside the machine had been cut and repaired with black electrical tape.  Also, the back carrier basket shakes around and makes a hell of a noise.  Also, I’ve seen much cuter e-bikes since I bought mine.  Ones that look like Vespas.  More sexy.  Then there’s this guy at work, he has a huge e-bike made by EMMO.  It’s bigger than a scooter and travels faster than mine.  Plus, it’s got loads of storage and looks more solid than my Daymak bike.

It’s November and I’m still avoiding having to use the TTC.  But come December, I’ll have to put my e-bike away for the dreaded winter and suffer being squished into the subway cars with all the other people suffering the same TTC.  Since I bought my electric bike, I’ve seen a lot more on the roads and I predict that next spring, we are going to see a lot more e-bikes on the roads.

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